Bauld Family Matters Amanda brings customer service values to Bauld


Amanda Baker, with seven years of tenure at Bauld Insurance, has quietly earned the respect of her fellow Bauld Family Staff and most importantly her clients.

Amanda Baker

Amanda came to Bauld Insurance after completing a diploma in accounting at NSCC. Hard-working and driven to succeed, Amanda joined the company on the “ground-level” first in a reception role and then moving on to customer service. Before that, like many, Amanda started out in retail and used this experience to her advantage. “To this day, I still use the skills I learned in retail, listening to the customer, knowing how to provide good customer service,” says Amanda.

In Summer 2018, Amanda was promoted to her current role as Advisor – Personal Insurance. It’s a role she works hard at, dealing with a wide range of clients helping them get the right insurance coverage for their needs.  Honest, quick and efficient, Amanda loves to learn and achieve her personal growth goals, and to her credit, she is currently three quarters through the challenging CAIB designation.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys being outdoors and has been known to cast a mean fishing line.  In the summers she will often make the track to Margaree, Cape Breton home to her huge extended family, where the list of her family members is longer than her arm.  But most importantly, she is fondly known as a Super Aunt to her beloved 12 year-old niece!