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Home heating system installation

Home Insurance Advice 10 changes your Home Insurance company needs to know about.

From installing a new heating system to starting a home-based business, there are certain changes you need to share with your home insurance company that may impact your coverage and rates.

young family enjoying a walk together

Life Insurance Advice What is Term Life Insurance and how it compares to mortgage insurance?

What is term life insurance and how it compares bank mortgage insurance? Christina Wyatt sheds some light on these common life insurance questions.

Couple happy knowing they have the Car Insurance they need

Insurance Advice Advice on what determines your Car Insurance premiums

When you need car insurance – it helps to understand how insurance companies determine the amount you’ll pay for coverage. Our Bauld Insurance Advisors break it down for you.

Two girls packing cloths at home

From Our Blog What does home insurance cover? Here are 10 surprising things.

You might be surprised to learn that your home insurance policy can cover a whole lot more than you may have thought.