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For Our Clients Covid-19 Impacts on Car Insurance

With many people now working from home or driving much less, the insurance industry is doing its part with some relief on their car insurance premiums. Learn how this may impact you.

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Bauld Advisor Tip High or Low Deductible?

When you sign up for your new insurance policy, one of the most important things you need to decide is what deductible amount should you go with?

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From Our Blog Back-to-School Tips & Advise

Proving our Bauld Advisors just can’t stop advising, here are a few tips and reminders to make this school year a great one!

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By Randy Misener What’s Up with Car Insurance Rates?

The car insurance industry is experiencing an upward trend in policy rates – at a national and global level. Learn more on why and ways to save, in this informative blog.