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Winter Tires in Canada

Seasonal Matters Do you really need Winter Tires?

Snow, Ice, slush rain, we deal with it all in Nova Scotia. Installing a set of quality winter tires can be a big help. In this blog we attempt to answer a common question, “Do you really need winter tires?”

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From Our Blog Car Insurance Discounts Could Save You Money

Are you missing out on the car insurance discounts you deserve? These top discounts can save you money and to qualify for them is easier than you may think.

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For Our Clients Covid-19 Impacts on Car Insurance

With many people now working from home or driving much less, the insurance industry is doing its part with some relief on their car insurance premiums. Learn how this may impact you.

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From Our Blog Winter is coming, are you ready for this?

Every year around this time, Nova Scotians grapple with winter tires. In this blog, we discuss tire options for this winter and share some helpful driving tips.