Car & Auto Insurance

A car sets you free – enjoy it, protect it.

While your car does gets you from A to B, it is often a source of pride and freedom. We will help sort out the best car and auto insurance policy for you AND be there to help if you need to make a claim.

A customized policy just for you


  • Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive


  • Rental Car
  • Non-owned Vehicle Coverage
  • Limited Waiver of Depreciation
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Road Side Assistance

Enhance Coverages – explained

If you need an explanation, we sort through the jargon and provide you with a brief description of these common Enhanced features.

  1. Rental Car

    Provides you with a rental car after in the event you have a claim that leaves you without a vehicle to drive.

  2. Non-owned Vehicle Coverage

    Insurance coverage sold by the car rental companies can be expensive.  With this feature you are covered for loss or damage to rented vehicles.

  3. Limited Waiver of Depreciation

    This waiver helps you covers the replacement cost of your vehicle without applying the declining value of depreciation.

  4. Accident Forgiveness

    Sometime an accidents just happen, when they do, sometimes it is nice to get a pass. With this coverage your rates won’t increase due to your first at fault accident.

  5. Road Side Assistance

    Provides reimbursement and call center support for emergency related expenses in the event of a car accident of vehicle breakdown.

The Bauld Process

When you engage the Bauld Team for your car and auto insurance needs, you will appreciate our advisors depth of insurance knowledge and their hands on personal approach.

Frequently Asked Car Insurance Questions

  1. How long will a traffic accident and tickets affect my insurance rates?

    Typically an “At Fault” accident is chargeable for 6 years, and a conviction or ticket is chargeable for 3 years. This time period can change depending on the severity of the conviction – check with us for specific timelines.

  2. Do I have to add my child who just got their beginner license?

    A driver who still has a Beginners or Learner’s license does not need to be listed on an insurance policy until they have passed their road test and obtained their full License.

    As long as they have their Learner’s License they need to have an experienced operator in the vehicle with them at all times so they do not need to be listed on the policy. Once they pass their road test, and get their drivers license, they need to be added to your policy.

  3. I’m going on vacation and will be renting a car. Do I have coverage?

    Your auto insurance policy can usually be endorsed to include SEF27 – Liability for Damage to Unowned Vehicles.

    You can add this coverage to your policy for a minimal fee, and as long as your rental is staying within Canada or the USA, you would be covered for any damage which may happen to the rental vehicle.

    Some companies even include the coverage for free! Most policies place a dollar limit on this coverage, such as $40,000 or $50,000 per claim, so check with us for specific details to make sure you have adequate coverage.

  4. I don’t have any accidents or convictions, why are my rates still going up?

    A major impact on today’s car insurance rates is the cost of repairs. Modern vehicles are equipped with more technology than ever – think of all the cameras and sensors built into our bumpers – which means even minor collisions can result in significant repair costs.

    Distracted Driving is also a concern; primarily for the safety and well-being of our communities, and also because it is responsible for an increase in insurance claims. Simply put: when insurers pay out more for auto repairs, your costs go up, also.

Protect Your Car & Yourself

If you own a car, having car and auto insurance is not an option.  Find out how the Bauld Team can help ensure you have the best policy and coverages for you.