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There is no place like home.

Your home and everything in it is precious. Whether you own a home, condo or rent an apartment, our advisors will ensure you have the home insurance and coverages just right for you.

A Customized Policy For You

With our advisors’ years of experience and specialization in all things insurance, we will add a personal touch to the customization of a policy to ensure you are well protected.


  • Replacement Cost on Home and Personal Belongings
  • Liability
  • Overland Water and Sewer Back-up
  • Oil Spill Coverage (if applicable)


  • Claims Forgiveness
  • Service Line Coverage
  • Home Equipment Breakdown
  • Personal Cyber
  • High Value Jewelry

Enhance Coverages – explained

If you need an explanation, we sort through the jargon and provide you with a brief description of these common Enhanced features.

  1. Claims Forgiveness

    This means your rates won’t increase after your first claim.

  2. Service Line Coverage

    Provides coverage for damage to service lines located on your property. Property owners are typically responsible for these cost.

  3. Home Equipment Breakdown

    Covers the systems and equipment you depend on to provide heating and cooling, hot water, electricity, communications and back-power against a sudden breakdown.

  4. Personal Cyber

    Provides coverage against cyber-attacks like extortion, online fraud and data breaches.

  5. High Value Jewelry

    Provides coverage for high value items even if they are not located at your home, which is especially important for jewelry.

The Bauld Process

When you engage the Bauld Team for your insurance needs, you will appreciate our Advisors depth of insurance knowledge and their hands-on personal approach.

FAQ’s – Home Owner Insurance

  1. What kind of discounts can I get to lower my rates?

    There are many discounts available to help lower your property insurance rates – including (but not limited to) discounts for: Age of Client, Age of Home, Smoke Free, Mortgage Free, Claims Free, Monitored Alarm, Credit Scoring, Septic System, Renewal Loyalty, Car & Home (Combined Policy), Tankless Hot Water, Unfinished Basement – and more! Give us a call for a full file review to make sure you are taking advantage of all possible discounts!

  2. I’m going away on vacation – What do I need to do?

    Most insurance companies have guidelines that homeowners must adhere to such as shutting off water or having someone check on your home on a regular basis. It is best to check with your broker to ensure you adhere with policy requirements.

  3. How does this coverage grow with my family as our needs and situation changes over the years?

    We use industry-specific software which uses your square footage and construction details to calculate what it should cost today if you needed to rebuild your home from the ground up. Having this calculation on file allows the Insurer to offer what is known as “Guaranteed Replacement Cost” coverage – this means that in the event of a total loss you would have enough to rebuild your home.

    Your insurer will automatically apply an inflationary increase (usually 3-7%) to the Building coverage limit on renewal to ensure you keep up with increasing costs of construction each year. From time to time we may refresh this calculation for accuracy.

  4. What is the difference between Overland Water coverage and Sewer Back Up?

    Sewer back up only covers damage caused by water coming into your property from a sewer or septic systems. If overland water enters your home, sewer-backup coverage will not protect you. Historically, this type of insurance hasn’t been available as part of any residential insurance policy.

FAQ’s – Tenant / Renters Insurance

  1. Do I need Sewer Back Up coverage if I’m in live in an apartment building?

    A claim can be considered a “Sewer Backup” if it is determined that water has entered the home through a plumbing fixture. As a tenant, your landlord would be responsible only for the repair to the building itself – your personal belongings would not be covered.

    It is a good idea to have this coverage included in your Tenants package since if a Sewer Backup happened in your unit, some of your belongings could be damaged and without this endorsement, you would have to cover the costs out of your own pocket. Sewer Backups can happen for a variety of reasons – even caused by circumstances outside of your building!

  2. How much contents coverage do I need?

    Although we do not require an itemized list of your belongings for a Tenants package, it is a good idea to take an inventory for your own knowledge. Ideally you should have enough coverage to be able to replace all of your belongings (clothing, furniture, electronics) in the event that you lost everything.

  3. If I accidently cause damage to my landlord's property, am I covered?

    Your tenants policy provide you with personal liability coverage which would cover you if you were to accidentally cause damage to your rented premises and were legally liable to compensate the landlord.

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