Life & Health

Life is precious, be sure to protect it.

Protect your family and loved ones. Bauld now offers Life and Health Benefits Insurance and our advisors will help you find the right policy to protect your livelihood.

A customized policy just for you

With our advisors’ years of experience and specialization in all things insurance, we will add a personal touch to the customization of a policy to ensure you are well protected.


Life Insurance, can protect the financial security of your family by giving them a tax free payment after you die. There are 4 key types of policies:

  • Term Life
  • Permanent Life
  • Participating Life
  • Universal Life

In addition, Life Insurance can be used as a more effective way to pay off your mortgage in the event of you die.


If you are self employed, operate your own business or simply do not have access to a company health benefits plan, we can help.

  • Critical Illness offers financial help to pay costs associated with life altering illnesses.
  • Disability Insurance. An easy affordable way to protect your income should you become ill or injured and unable to work.
  • Medical & Dental Health Plans. Personal or family plans to provide coverage for dental, prescriptions, vision and paramedical care should your employer not offer.

The Bauld Process

When you engage the Bauld Team for your insurance needs, you will appreciate our advisors depth of insurance knowledge and their hands on personal approach.

Frequently Asked Questions – Life Insurance

  1. Should I lock in my insurance rates for 10 or 20 Years?

    Although it is cheaper to go with a 10 years term that also assumes you won’t require the life insurance in 10 years or will be in good enough health that you can get another cheap 10 year term.

    So there is a cost savings going with a 10 year rate however you are taking on the risk that you will be healthy in 10 years.

  2. Should I cover my mortgage liability with life insurance or with mortgage insurance from my bank?

    Buying mortgage insurance from your bank is not often recommended by financial advisors, and here are a few reasons why.

    • The payout from mortgage protection insurance shrinks with your mortgage’s declining principle balance. Life insurance does not shrink over the term of the policy.
    • With Mortgage Insurance, you may find out when you file a claim that you aren’t actually eligible for coverage as you were never officially underwritten medically
    • If you switch mortgage lenders you won’t have to worry about cancelling your existing mortgage insurance and re-qualifying with the new mortgage lender.

Are You Well Protected?

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